Pandemic Survival Guide



What If Everything You Knew

About Surviving The Coming

Disaster Is Dead Wrong?


Obtain Classified Information

About This Lethal Pandemic

And The One Step You Have To Make

Before It’s Too Late


We are now facing an event unprecedented in all our history

And we can’t even fully comprehend what’s happening.

Governments of the world resort to drastic procedures to maintain “order”

While a disease so potent it could wipe out our entire nation

Is affecting more and more people by the day… 

Tens of thousands of innocent men, women and even children

are put down by this lethal pandemic.

Slathering them in the most gruesome way possible 

And generating chaos, mass confusion and death

In every corner of our world 

The governments are barely containing

all the problems.


Many countries declared quarantines in most of their major cities.

Shutting down everything they didn’t think was “essential” …

Forcing the confused citizens to stay inside their homes…

Leaving them completely in the dark… 

Defenseless in the face of this rogue malady.

We have been lied to all along, mislead into believing “it’s just a flu.”

And now, after it has shattered our nation into pieces, we are learning the truth.

And it really hurts…because the virus is here to stay…

This is just the beginning…and soon enough it will come to your neighbourhood

It will step in your house, and when it does, the only question will be….

How will you react when it will come after you…and after your loved ones?


Will you be prepared to protect your family,

to be their hero?

Or will you be frightened

And risk becoming yet another statistic?


What you are about to find out

might be the most important information

you’ll ever learn, and might make the difference

between life and death.

Pandemic Survival Guide


What you are about to witness is VERY REAL. 

This presentation contains classified material, graphic imagery and controversial information that your government is actively trying to prevent you from seeing…


If you are OFFENDED by controversial and explicit subjects.

If you trust your government’s competence

to manage this dreadful situation…

This is not for you,

so it’s probably better to exit this video now.

However, if you feel that FREEDOM rings in your heart

If you have that particular streak of independence running through your blood

And you are ready to take action to protect your family against this lethal threat…

Keep watching. If not, then I’m sorry…

This is a presentation custom-made for the people who want to know the truth

and to protect their families and if you’re not one of us, then you have no business here.

Because what I’m about to share is pure, unvarnished truth.

One that is not for the faint of heart.

America is too frightened to hear it.

So they all ignore it…

But trust me when I say…


My words may sound ominous to you. But at this point, I have no other choice.

The images you just saw are nothing, NOTHING compared to what’s to come…

Some called it the apocalypse – the day of reckoning from the holy book.

And like the Flood from Noah’s time… People WERE WARNED

But they just wouldn’t listen…just like today.

Pandemic Survival Guide

So now, you have the chance to listen,

to change the course of our history.

And if you value your life

You will stop everything you’re doing and watch it until the end

Because at the very end of this presentation you will get the secret

the one way to respond to the problem.

That will protect you, and your family, no matter how bad the outbreak gets.

This is life or death information.

So you might want to take notes.

And may the truth set you free!

I’m not here to tell you the news.

You obviously have heard about millions of innocent people

quarantined for weeks and soon, months, at a time…

Also, I’m not saying that you should panic…

What I’m saying is that there are some information the government

is hiding from the general public.

And that you should be well prepared for what’s to come…

We are living now a defining moment in our history

A moment that’s putting the 21 century life to a standstill while causing

pain, suffering and death to millions.

And although what we are seeing now may seem surreal and unfamiliar to us.

This is not the first time in history a global pandemic is devastating the planet.

Actually, the images we see today are very similar to the ones

from just 100 years ago, from the Spanish flu…

That devastating pandemic is thought to have started

from just one soldier from the U.S army.

Which ultimately infected somewhere between a quarter to a third

of the total world population.

And the global death toll is still disputed to this day – but the numbers are horrifying. 

Somewhere between 50 million to 100 million deaths worldwide

from which 1 million Americans.

In less than two years, this deadly virus whipped out almost 6.8%

of the global population… 

It killed in 24 weeks more people than HIV killed in 24 years…

And in 2 years more than Hitler, nuclear war and all of terrorism combined…

And, what was strange about it was the fact that

it didn’t affected only the children and the elders, like any other common flu. 

It also infected young adults…and this caused the global life expectancy

to plummet with as much as 12 years in just a couple of months.

Imagine living in those times…

If you were to have that murderous virus, you would die within days

or even hours from developing the first symptoms. 

You would lose your consciousness from the severe fever.

Your skin would turn blue  

And your lungs would fill with fluids, causing you to suffocate

and gasp for air until you’d literally drown to death

If your spouse cared for you during this time

The same thing would be happening to her soon…

If you sneezed on your spouse by accident, or even if you kissed her before

she went to sleep…you just killed her.

If you walked outside, dead bodies would lay in the street

or dumped in mass graves. 

And this didn’t stop for two whole years.

I didn’t make this up.

This is the story of the Spanish Flu from just 100 years ago

So why am I telling you this

Because I want you to understand this very clearly…

Microscopic viruses in just one human can shift

                         our world into a nightmare right before our eyes.                  

The 14th century black plague killed almost 60%

of Europe’s population on a time span of 9 years.

Smallpox murdered 300 mil people throughout history.

That’s the entire population of our country.

This pandemics have altered the course of our history greater than any war.

And there is only one thing I am certain of:


So now it’s the time to pay attention!

Time to get the information you need to protect yourself and your family,

Which you can get only from here and nowhere else

In just a few minutes I’ll let you in on the best strategies to survive this tragic event

or anything of sorts that may come up.

In fact, I can promise you that this presentation will enable you to discover


You will become a true patriot.

A saviour for your family.

A leader and an inspiration for your loved ones

to follow when the shit hits the fan. 

You will be remembered as a wise man

who understood and resolved the problems.

A prepared patriot.

Even the simple fact you found this page and chose to watch this presentation

shows dedication to your family.

It shows you care.

And that is far more important than you can imagine.

Because you will need every last drop of dedication

to make it through what’s coming our way.

Now, I’m not saying this virus is the next plague to wipe out the continents,

I’m not Nostradamus…

What I’m saying is 

The virus is here

In the US…

And it will spread unimaginably.

Actually it has already started,

And it’s affecting each one of us in a way or another.

So, you better WAKE UP!

It’s time to face the truth. 

No more “it’s no big deal.” 

No more “the government has it under control.

History taught us that

it takes only one flee to wipe out

nearly all the human race.

So you can only imagine what’s to come…

This is the harsh reality…

Today, the biggest risk for global catastrophe isn’t what it was 50 years ago.

It doesn’t look anything like nuclear war. In fact, it doesn’t look like anything at all…

It’s invisible to the naked eye.

And to tell you the truth, I, as well, refused to believe this… 

When the first news about this novel virus trumpeted at the beginning of the year,

I also used to think that’s an isolated tragedy happening exclusively in China.

I felt for them…but I was here and they were out there.

I used to think of it as a strange, foreign disease that will never get here…

And I will never have to deal with it, let alone become frightened because of it.

But, as we are only now learning,

In our interconnected world there is no such thing as over there and over here.

If something is happening in the other corner of the world, for sure it will have repercussions out here as well… 

If the virus outbreaks in China, it breaks out here as well. 

All it takes is one person to carry the virus…

Also, in the beginning, every media outlet was painting this virus

as something almost unobtrusive…

That’s similar to the common flu and it will go away in no time.

They compared it to other recent and related epidemics such the 2002 SARS,

and to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

But the BIG difference between those two and the novel virus is 

The first times …we were lucky,

And this time around luck was not on our side…

This virus is far more powerful than anything we’ve seen before.

And in such a short time it has already ravaged our planet…      

This virus doesn’t care about borders!

And truthfully, it either doesn’t care if you are

a male or a female, black or white, rich or poor.

It will kill anything in its way!

In the same awful and horrible way…without discriminating.

Hundred of thousands of people have already died all over the world,

most of them on American soil…

It has already damaged our nation to unimaginable extents.

And it’s been here for only a few of months.

Actually, in this moment, we are holding the shameful title of

the country with most cases and victims.”

Only the state of New York has more confirmed cases than any other country…

So YOU TELL ME, what it is going to take for us to finally wake up

and understand once and for all,

That this is the most important thing we should be focusing on!?

Our life on this planet is at great risk!

And the life as we knew it

will never be the same after this...


But, only if there will be an “after…”

And now, the only one who can defend you


The authorities have little to no interest in protecting you.

They have been lying to your face, and to the face of millions of Americans

about this virus’ full potential until now.

Without thinking that they are putting in danger so many lives,

They didn’t give you the full information, not because they wanted

to protect you from the horrific truth,

But because they wanted to protect themselves…

They have no problem in letting you suffer, as long as they are safe and sound.

How do I know the virus is spreading like wildfire?

That’s pretty obvious…

Just look at what’s happening all over the world

Entire countries are quarantined…

That’s hundreds of millions people in 100% lock-down.

Forced to stay in their homes.

All exits blocked.

And not even supplies are getting through.

And this happened literally overnight.

Just days after patient ZERO had tested positive…

So, you tell me, why would they do that?

That’s billions in profits flushed down the toilet – all the industries are shut down.

Because they are not “essential”

Why would they resort to such drastic procedures

If this virus was easy to combat?

The truth is the virus is spreading exponentially

all over the world.

And exponentially means that if each person is just infecting two others

We can have millions infected!

Actually, from how things are looking now,

 It’s esteemed that in less than a month we will have nearly 3.8 million people infected

Just in the US alone…

And don’t believe for a second all the lies of how this quarantines are helping a lot

in maintaining the virus under control.

About how it already starts do dissipate.

About how hospitals are half empty and all that BS.

About how in a month or so we will get back to normal.

Because those are all BIG FAT lies…

Just look at the lies touted by China…

In just 10 days they claim they went from nearly 15,000 cases/ day – to 200 cases/ day – and in 10 more days, less than 50 cases/day

How could this be even possible?

We’ve done here the same thing they did…

We’ve been quarantined for months…

And the numbers don’t seem to be decreasing anytime soon…

Moreover, if the hospitals had everything under control, as they pretend,

Officers of the Armed Forces wouldn’t have to pile up dead bodies

in Enterprise-rented vans…

Pandemic Survival Guide

And bodies wouldn’t be dumped

wherever there was some space left,

because the morgues are already full.

Pandemic Survival Guide
Pandemic Survival Guide

This may come as a horrid surprise to you.

But this is not a secret

to the governments of the world.

A big outbreak is on its way

Early projections put the death toll at over “40 million deaths in 2020 alone…

The World Health Organization knows it.

Homeland Security knows it.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) knows it.

The Armed Forces knows it.

And I know it, because that’s where I work.

Now, I think it’s the right time to introduce myself properly…

I’m George Hughes 

I’m an ex-intelligence agent,

And currently, a consultant for the American Armed Forces

Frankly, I’m putting my life at stake with what I’m doing here.

To disclose this kind of information in this way, can cost me my job,

Or even worse…

Just look at what happened to Captain Brett Crozier of the USS Theodore Roosevelt–

After alerting his fellow naval aviators of a possible virus outbreak. 

He was fired.

And soon after, he also tested positive for the virus….

which further shows that he was right.

So, I’m aware I’m taking a big risk.

But I couldn’t stand it anymore.

All my life I did everything in my powers to protect this country and its people.

To make it safer for you… 

But now, on the verge of a global collapse,

It seems that the ones who are in charge, want the best only for themselves.

And forgot about us, the patriots…

Who have put all our trust in their hands…

And that’s why I think people have all the right to know the truth.

You deserve to be informed of what’s coming our way!

And the only people that are fully aware of what’s coming,

and what our country will become in a matter of weeks, if not days,

are the ones from FEMA.


Because they will have full control over us.

They are the ones who dictate what should be done in order to maintain

the nation “ordered” and “calm.”

And the plan for this scenario is already in place 

And where are you, the innocent citizen, in this plan? – You may be asking 

Well, in your home, “sheltered in place”

Literally sealed inside

Much like house arrest

A mass quarantine

Without any access to the outside world for months.

Armed officers, tanks, patrol vehicles will roam through your neighbourhood 24/7…

Endless bullhorns in your ear that won’t let you, and your family, sleep

They will consider you a threat only for buying food from the nearest market…

And they are granted the right to use lethal force if you step outside of quarantine.

This is already happening in many countries!

Actually, in Philippine, a man was brutally killed after the President

instructed authorities to “shoot dead” any troublemakers. 

And only God knows how many innocent people are killed without being reported…

With this new draconic regime in place,

All guns are confiscated…similar to what happened In Katrina, 15 years ago

And then, the “best” part…

Mandatory vaccination for all U.S. citizens.

And to top things off…this vaccine hasn’t even been tested long enough…

They will directly test it on us, because there is not enough time to spend

on “this kind of stuff”

They don’t even know if it’s safe for all human beings

or if it’s even effective against the virus.

But a rumour has it heart complications and convulsions are common side effects.

And now we are obliged to take a shot of this, possibly, poisonous cocktail.

If we want to leave our homes

And if you thought this was outrageous… just listen!

Leader of the World Health Organisation,

Michael Ryan, announced that

in response to this pandemic,

authorities will enter people’s homes and

“remove” family members by force…

if there’s the possibility they have the virus.

In other words, they will break in your home, seize your children

and “isolate them in a safe and dignified manner.” 

So, say hello to U.S. Martial Law 2020, my friend.

And, by the way, you can expect this to happen everywhere in the world.

Canada, Australia, Europe…doesn’t matter.

In such a “state of emergency”

All our civil rights are put on hold.

The democracy is suspended until everything will be over.

And trust me, they will not hesitate to put a bag over your head, throw you in a van and disappear with you forever.

If they see you as a threat on their control…

Find all this hard to believe??

Well, believe it or not this is what your government has actually wanted for a long time.

A final power grab to end all the rights you thought you had…

Giving them complete dictatorial control over you in a new America.

Making you lose any shred of independent livelihood and any source of income…

And to become fully dependent on your government.

On the nanny-State

And if you don’t do what they tell you

Well…let’s not imagine what will happen in this situation…

We are heading for what we perceived

as a free world– to global fascism,

A draconic regime…

Where the tiny few people with power

– the dark suits behind the government – 

Will never again have to fear

of being voted out or overthrown.

Because now, if you’ll dare to confront them, you can literally get a bullet in the head,

With no trial on the matter whatsoever…

If you will try to get out of your house to get food for your starving family,

You’ll have to constantly look over your shoulder…

This picture may sound like a dystopian world from a George Orwell novel.

But it’s the reality we are living in these uncertain times.

This scenario is taken word for word from the handbook given by FEMA

to all U.S. Armed Force Officers.

And because I am a consultant for them, I also got a copy.

This was first put in place at the beginning of January

Upon the news of the novel virus ravaging China

For this, FEMA has already prepared mass graves for millions of people…

Ready to go for this event

Located all over America

They know something horrible is going to happen,

And the Military has been training for this. 

They were the first to find out about this secret plan.

Because they are the ones needed to execute and put in place.

The 2020 Martial Law Regime

As a consultant I’ve tried numerous times to advise my superiors

and the agents from FEMA to rethink the “plan.”

Because it is unconstitutional, 

And hostile to all the citizens of the United States of America.

But they didn’t even wanted to hear me.

What can you do?” they said…

That’s when I knew I had no chance into convincing them that this is not a good idea.

The orders came from the dark suits behind the government.

In that moment I’ve decided that I won’t be taking part in those illegitimate acts.

And I’ve decided to make this open letter to warn you, and to teach you

what you can do to protect yourself.

Because just as we are speaking, the military is prepared to act.

They will follow their orders!

And soon, what I’ve described to you will become your daily life,

Your new reality.

If you are afraid of all you’ve heard,

That’s perfectly normal.

But I’m not here to frighten you.

Actually, I just want to give you a wake-up call…

To make you open your eyes and see the inevitable reality.

And show you the tools that will make you virus-proof.

Have you noticed that almost NO Officer of the Armed Forces

has contracted the virus?

Even though they stay on the streets and deal with dead, infected bodies all day long?

Well, they are not taking any miraculous medication or anything along those lines 

But they know something the average Joe doesn’t.

They have been given the insider knowledge in order to perform at full capacity no matter what…

And I want to share this information with you.

You see, recently…

When the outbreak in China first came to light

We received a new set of “guidelines” – to be used when the virus hits the US.

When I read them I thought it was a sick joke.

I thought they took passages from an old soviet constitution…to make fun of me or something…

But NO…they really wanted to put all that in practice

I told them that it couldn’t be done

because it violates the amendments from our constitution.

And the answer I got almost made me sick.

It doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about that.

Once the martial law will be declared…

We will do whatever we want” – they said.

They started instructing all the officers,

In a manner never seen before in the history of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Drill after drill – only about the virus outbreaks and quarantines.

Undoubtedly, they knew something big was going to happen.

But unfortunately, they were doing everything wrong.

The plan was to turn the armed forces against the citizens. 

To rob the people off their constitutional rights at gunpoint.

Vaccinate them without their will…

with a compound which haven’t even been tested for safety.

And take their children away, if there is the possibility that

they have contracted the disease  

So I decided to fire back. 

And take side with the other team.

The team of the citizens of this beautiful country.

The one in which you are right now…

Some may call me a deserter for what I’ve done.

But I think that helping you and all the people in need 

is way more important than my reputation. 

Now, the power structure will be completely shifted

And this time, in your favour.

Which means – you and the patriots of this country will get all the insights

That were going to be used against you and your loved ones.

So you will be prepared to conquer this crisis.

And I am certain that I am the only person in this world who can do this for you.

Because I know exactly every step they are going to take…

Regarding the outbreak

Regarding the Military

Regarding the population

Regarding your family

And I’m willing to talk.

I’ve structured all the information you need to overcome this pandemic in a guide called… 

The Pandemic Guide

 How to Survive The 21st Century Plague

And before we get into details, let me tell you something…

Most of what you think you know about this virus is flat out wrong.

So the information I’m giving you is essential for your survival.

Before I structured this guide, I looked on the internet

to see what has already been written about this topic.

I was shocked of what I found.

I thought – actually I hoped – to find at least some useful information.

But after going through hundreds of websites and dozens of books

I realised that I will find nothing…

Only contradicting information…false notions regarding pandemics…and so on. 

It became obvious that there is a great lack of experience with pandemics.

Those people had no experience with this kind of crisis.

No experience in the line of fire.

No experience in martial law transition.

And most certainly…No experience in the situation where you don’t even know

How you are going to feed and protect your kids.

Because you might be killed if you leave your home…

This was a BIG disappointment…

the innocent people of this country don’t even have

where to get relevant information

in order to protect themselves and their families.

This encouraged me even more…and made me realise I had to do something.

To build a programme from scratch.

So there would be at least one verified place…

people could go and read the information that could save their lives.

A programme custom made for what I know is going to happen when thing will go in the wrong direction.

With insights and materials

known only by FEMA and the U.S. Armed Forces.

Disclosed to you. 

Not for profit,

But for your survival.

If you are now, here, on this page.

I don’t care what your background is…even if you have some military experience.

I am certain, there is important information missing from your “toolbox of skills.”

When it comes to battling a pandemic outbreak.

With this in mind, I tailored this guide.

To give you all the knowledge you need to combat the virus.

And to keep all the problems away from your family.

And to easily have a stress-free life…even in this uncertain times.

Pandemic Survival Guide



After only one read of simple, relevant course

You won’t have to ask yourself

any of these questions ever again:

  • How should I be preparing now, before the outbreak gets any worse?
  • What foods should I stack up, and which foods I should avoid at any cost?
  • What should I do when all the supplies are out of stock?
  • How should I store foods that need refrigeration if the electricity is shut down?
  • What protective gear should I have? 
  • What if all the protective gear is out of stock? Can I manufacture a hazmat suit and a protective mask at home?
  • How to make antibacterial soap and other cleaning supplies at home?
  • How can I be certain that the packages I get in the mail are not infected?
  • How do I get an unlimited clean water supply for my family for only a couple pennies a day?
  • What can I do to prevent the virus from getting to me and my family (besides what I kept seeing on TV and online)?
  • How can I protect my family if I am infected?
  • How can I make a safe room in which an infected person can be quarantined, to prevent everyone else from getting the virus?
  • Is there any way me and my family could get out of the quarantine?
  • What should I respond when an Officer is questioning me?
  • Should I have a gun?
  • If not, what should I have?

If you can’t answer at least 95% of these questions,

You are not prepared for what is there to come…

This information is crucial for you and for your loved ones!

Just imagine, a couple of weeks from now…

Your daughter coming to you with tears rolling down her cheeks

because she is hungry, and there is no food left

Sad, she looks at you and all she can say is “Daddy?

Will you be able to look her in the eyes,

knowing you can’t do anything to alleviate her pain?

Knowing that the solution to all the problems was given to you…

but you didn’t even bother to take it?

Well, now you know what the right thing to do…is.

Because you can get the answer to all those questions and so much more,

From this educational and easy to read Guide…

that is becoming the number one authority for pandemic crisis preparation.

Pandemic Survival Guide



The Pandemic Guide 

How to Survive The 21st Century Plague

And trust me,

you won’t have any trouble reading it.

It’s beautifully laid out…

to be easy to read

and understood by anyone.

And you have my guarantee that it won’t let you down.

Many of my customers say it is “captivating.”

And all their doubts and panic vanished as they read this course.

Because they finally felt they are in control over this critical situation.

So this one question remains:

Will you also be in control? Or not?

And you need to answer it now.

Because from all the signs I’ve been getting from the Military,

the crisis will begin sooner than expected.

Their estimate…just weeks from now

So there is not a shred of doubt…it is really happening.

But you don’t have to fear anymore.

Because if you make the right decision,

You will have every bit of information you will ever need.

Right in your pocket.

That will ensure a good life for you and your loved ones, 

When the biological warfare will truly begin.

Here and now you can get:

  • The recipe for the Power Boost Shake – that will make you 80% to 88% less likely to become infected with the virus
  • How to keep any officer of the Armed Forces out of your home
  • How to avoid mandatory vaccination 
  • The Post-Virus Shake recipe – in case you’ve already been infected, this will increase odds of survival with as much as 94%
  • How to deal with people from your family that are infected
  • What should the Ultimate Supply Checklist contain
  • How to mentally and physically prepare yourself for a crisis like this – just like military – who at a moment’s notice can spring into action, brimming with energy of a lion
  • ​The old “sailor trick” to double the protection of any home in any situation, even a pandemic, so you have a HUGE advantage over everyone else…
  • The 5 essential items you MUST have to keep disease from spreading inside your own home for 14 days or longer so you can weather any storm

You will also receive

A special self-defense training program– in case someone will attack you.

And be prepared for this scenario, because in difficult situations, the ones that are prepared, will become targets.

Because you will be the only one to have…what everyone else wants?

The Pandemic Guide – How to Survive The 21st Century Plague

contains all the insider knowledge to

manage to get out of life or death situations safe and sound

So if you think about this for a second, you will realise 

There is absolutely no reason for not having this guide book.

And the best thing – once you will get your hands on this, 

You will never have to worry again…no matter how much disturbing news you see on TV

Because you will have an invincible plan.

The moment you finish reading the guide

you will feel a big weight lifted off your chest

Because you will know that


No matter what comes your way…you just open the course at the chapter you need and follow along the solution.

And you will perform any difficult task just like a professional survivalist.

You will be the hero of your family.

Now, I know you are eager to get started.

And I also know some of you are waiting to hear how much you will invest in The Pandemic Guide – How to Survive The 21st Century Plague.

Well, in all honesty, it’s no easy task putting a price on something that will keep your family safe, healthy and thriving. 

Not to mention it will turn you into a true survivor leader.

So I ask you…

What’s it worth to you something that doesn’t give you a false sense of security, but actually trains you to become fit for surviving even in this uncertain and terrifying times?

How much would you pay for something that will save YOUR LIFE while millions of other Americans will die in agony?

I am as serious as possible when asking these questions.

 And I expect a serious and honest answer.

How much would you pay for something that makes sure your kids

won’t come to you and say

Daddy…? Still no sign of food? Not even after three days?

I’m asking because this is a real problem for me. 

Time is very short and I want you to have this as quickly as possible so that you get a chance to apply it. 

But if I price it too low, then you’ll think it’s not as valuable as it truly is.

If I ask for its real price, then you won’t be able to afford it.

And that’s the last thing I want.

I’m trying to find a middle ground between the two, so bear with me.

So, I could have set the investment in The Pandemic Guide for $200

Still would have had thousands of individuals ready to get it.

Because it contains confidential governmental information and techniques.

That won’t be found anywhere else.

But in my opinion, that’s way too much for the average American


That’s still too much…

With everything that’s coming, the last thing I want

is to drain you of money and leave you penniless

when you could use it to build up supplies. 

All I want to charge you is enough to allow me to keep doing this.

I just want your help to pay for the ad cost of this page…to get the message

to as much people as possible.

And also, for the support and help we will provide you with this course.

Because, although I haven’t mentioned it, the support is really one of the most exciting aspects of this course.

Once you will purchase the The Pandemic Guide – How to Survive The 21st Century Plague

You will enter the V.I.P Survivalist Club.

This means that on a weekly basis you will get free insights, 

And new survival strategies to prepare you even further for any situation.

So, considering all this, I figured,

 I’d charge anyone truly interested to protect themselves and their loved ones

by a single, one-time payment of…


That’s less than a meal out.

Pay $37 right now, and you have FULL access to the V.I.P. Survivalist Club,

including updates, community and meetings, FOR LIFE.

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It is your duty.

Don’t let them down.

Actually, to get rid of any shred of doubt you might have,

I’m going to do one more thing. Actually, TWO things.

I want to give you, absolutely free, two other breakthrough books.

To make sure you will be prepared in absolute any situation!

Regularly, The market price of these add-ons at around $137

But for you, today, they are not add-ons.

They are FREE BONUSES, a gift from patriot to patriot,

congratulating you for making the right decision.

Here’s what the pack of goodies contains.

Pandemic Survival Guide

The Barter “Cheat” Guide

Have you ever asked yourself what you will do if you wake up one ordinary day

only to find out that the paper money in your wallet no longer holds any value to it? 

There are many people and reputable economists today

who believe that such a day is coming…and it’s coming NOW.

And for this, you have to be prepared.

Because in a long term SHTF situation, bartering and trading

is going to become part of your lifestyle

Since your money will have no real value and there will no longer be any stores where you can go to purchase whatever you want or need,

And that’s why I’ve made The Barter “Cheat” Guide,

from which you’ll learn to trade just about anything, anywhere, anytime.

Pandemic Survival Guide

How To Survive A Mass Riot

It would take only one unthinkable event to disrupt our way of life,

and a pandemic is on the top of the list.

Full blown riots are very likely to start all over our nation, soon.

And for such events I want you to be prepared. 

That’s the reason you will receive this guide for free…

All you have to do is reach for it.

I promise you: it will give you great peace of mind, knowing that,

WHATEVER the FUTURE has in store for this country,

you and your family are prepared to overcome any obstacle…
And live to tell the story!

What you choose right now will decide your future.

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And I want to make this easy for you: it’s a risk-free decision from your part.

You’re Completely Protected By My
60 days money back. 


All the risk is on my shoulders, where it should be!

So if for any reason, you’re not thrilled with what

The Pandemic Guide will do for the safety of your family,

you have 60 full days and nights to send us back the manual,

and I’ll refund every penny you paid.

No questions.

No hassles.

Just every penny back.

So you really just have a simple question to ask yourself.
Can you make a quick life-saving decision right now?

Is the long-term safety of your family worth $37?

The simple system I’m offering you

will give you every skill, tactic and technique you need

to make sure your family not only survives,

but also thrives when the inevitable collapse finally comes.

You don’t want to think back to this moment and say

Why didn’t I just spend the 37 bucks that day?

Things would be so much easier if I had…

There’s no better time than right now to take action

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Now The Ball Is In Your Court. And The Way I See It You Have 2 Options…

The first one is do nothing.

You could walk away from this presentation now thinking you’ll be fine,

that you already know what to do when the catastrophe will emerge.

Yet in your heart you know that there will be none to help you

when the real crisis will be here.

If you choose this option, you will put your life…and also your family’s life in danger.

And that’s only because, for any reason, you didn’t wanted to get the The Pandemic Guide. 

The second option is to get The Pandemic Guide right now. 

I’ve spent a great deal of time and money researching and editing to make this information crystal clear. 

There’s no faster, cheaper or safer way to overcome life threatening situations such as the one we are experiencing now.

This is the only field guide that shows you how to survive in any given scenario.

And you’ll not only outlive almost any diseases and emergencies proven to occur in a crisis… You’ll become a prized survival resource for your family and your community for years to come.

All you have to do is read The Pandemic Guide. 


And you’ll know you can finally protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for taking action.

Because these skills and information are valuable in any situation. 

And particularly valuable when a pandemic is arising.

The Pandemic Guide isn’t sold in stores or anywhere else online. 

And you’re covered by my “60 days money back guarantee“. 

There’s no need to worry. 

Because you can always get your money back no questions asked.

And you can keep the bonus. That’s a thank you gift for taking the time to listen to my presentation.

Just click the yellow button below now… it will take you to a secure page. 

Take 17 seconds to fill in your details and you’ll get access to your The Pandemic GuideHow to Survive The 21st Century Plague program right away. 

Thank you for watching this presentation. I hope you got a lot of value from it. I look forward to seeing you in the member’s area.

Pandemic Survival Guide

Still here? You probably have some unanswered questions… I’ll go over some of the most common questions real quick…

  1. Why should you buy from George Hughes?

I’m a former US Military and I also worked as an agent in an Intelligence Agency. For all my life I’ve been protecting my country and its people and I will continue to do so. With an “on the ground” experience of over 30 years, now I am offering you the opportunity to learn how to combat this pandemic and how to protect yourself and your family. Over 100 000 patriots trust me and my team. Why? Their words are “insight”, “real perspective”, “experience”, “inspiration” and “results”. 

  1. Do I need medical training to understand the material?

No. There’s no medical jargon and terminology…just plain English.

  1. Do I need military training to understand the material?

No. Every procedure in this guide is accessible for every individual.

  1. Is the whole implementing process safe?

Absolutely. Everything has been tested within much harsher conditions than the ones you are facing.

  1. What if I live in a big city? Or, what if I live in a small town?

Doesn’t matter. That’s the beauty of The Pandemic Guide – How to Survive The 21st Century Plague. It is tailored for every environment.

  1. Is there a refund policy?

The refund policy is carved in the guarantee. I’m so confident that this will work that I will personally give you your money back after 60 days if you are not completely satisfied with the product.

Delivery method
 You should receive a link to download your eBook and your receipt shortly, via email.
Please allow a few minutes for us to process your request and send over your product.